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IWALEWA-House Bayreuth - Exposicão Fotográfica

Energy and vitality out of Africa

The exhibition „Aus_Sicht Afrika“ presents photographs that show Africans with bright eyes and smiling faces.

Between 17th April and 30th August 2007 five African Photographers exhibit a part of their work in the IWALEWA-House Bayreuth, Germany: Michael Tsegaye from Ethiopia, Fatimah Tuggar from Nigeria, Sérgio Pinto Afonso from Angola as well as Joel Chiziane and Sérgio Santimano, both from Mozambique, show photos they have taken in Africa to express the positive aspects of the continent.
The exhibition was the result of a students’ project on photography in Africa. A group of students who study „Culture and Society of Africa“ in Bayreuth wanted to show the positive aspects of a life in Africa. They criticise the image of Africa that exists in our society: Europe’s neighbour continent seems to be the one of war, hunger and catastrophes. And although these negative aspects often belong to the reality of Africans, there is this second truth you can find on the continent, the one of bright and happy human beings.
By email and phone the students contacted African photographers asking for their support, which they got indeed. It was not the ambition to create a one-sided picture of the life in Africa, one that would gloss over the situation on the continent. Thus it seemed clear in the end that the exhibition did not whitewash anything but expressed reality. Sérgio Santimano for example, a prominent photographer from Mozambique, admires the vitality of the people of his home as well as their courage to face life. Although life after the long Civil War in Mozambique is very hard for most of the Mozambicans, the people he shows on his pictures give a smile.
The image of Africa presented by the exhibition is one that makes confident. And like this also the ambiguous title „Aus_Sicht Afrika“ has to be understood: there is a perspective on Africa as well as African themselves show that there are as well manifold positive aspects in store.

The African photographers supported the idea to present the positive aspects of a life on the African continent. Foto: Kolb
Picture taken from on 10th May 2007

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